Ferart Studio & Sustainable House Day

Our partner company, Ferart Studio, was featured as one of the leading sustainable houses in Margaret River during 2017 Sustainable House Day.

Ferart Studio is a thirty year built-form and landscape experiment about how to create about a regenerative and creative enterprise on 3.8ha of burned-out over grazed farm land.  Down load Owner Builder article here


Over 180 people visited Ferart Studio during Sustainable House Day. Many were interested in finding out how to start developing their own project and changing their lifestyle.

David had many discussions with people ranging from sustainable building techniques through how to translate their dreams and aspirations into reality.

And a lot of time was spent chatting in the gardens and around the fruit trees.  These times in the real world allowed people to experience as well as see what Ferart Studio is about.

See how the landscape around Ferart Studio has change over the past 30 years.


  • Berni says:
    Oct 17 at 12:09

    Good to read about your house in all aspects of design and living. Loved the before and now picture video and thanks for link to Debbie’s excellent Owner Builder article.

    1. admin says:
      Oct 19 at 06:18

      Thanks for your comments Berni, best wishes with your build in Mudgee. Want to put your progress up on this site?

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