Design ... Create ... Restore ... Beautifully


Each project requires a unique solution to make it sustainble.

Good design is about seeing and capturing this unique solution.

Design and design thinking sits at the heart of everything we do.


There is no shortage of good ideas for different ways to do things.

Creating a better world requires innovation.

We can help you build innovation into your project.


It’s not enough to just minimise our impacts.

It’s now about recreating and repairing the world.

We can help you make your project bring positive change to the world.



Our culture has spent a long time focusing on a few things that have huge collatoral damage – like maximising profit.

Now it is time to get a whole lot more sophisticated and  bring beauty back into the world.

David Galloway - Designer

David has over 30 years experience in Australia and overseas working for government, industry, business, community groups, NGO’s and individuals. He has degrees in engineering, environmental science, sustainability and a Doctorate in design and sustainability.

His current work is strongly focused in design, working at the front-end of large projects to make them go beyond being purely sustainable and to become fully regenerative and productive. His experience is in project design and management, regional and urban planning, community liaison, ecological engineering, vision creation, issues management, natural resource management, and policy.

David brings exceptionally high levels of design thinking and project management skills to projects. He works at the interfaces of planning and design, community and environment, and business and innovation. By combining good business acumen, quality science and a solid understanding of how to engage with the community David’s design work produces highly innovative projects.

Would you like to talk about your project and how to make it sustainable?

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