Nice to be recognised

David was recognised as one of the City of Vincent’s twelve  Heroes of Christmas. Here is what they said about him…

David Galloway, was Chair of Leederville Connect for the past four years. He doesn’t see what he does as volunteer work.

“I don’t think that what I do is volunteering – everything I do is an extension of my professional work, it’s just that some of it I get paid for and some of it I don’t.”


He sees volunteering as a great place to develop new ideas to change the world, it lets you try something different, watch how they work and learn. Leederville Connect was an opportunity to test out some ideas David developed while doing a doctorate on design and sustainability.

Giving back to the community is in his DNA, for generations both sides of his family were invariably doing things in the community. Whether it was local service clubs, sporting groups, environmental activism, supporting overseas students and migrants, or working with youth; it was just what his family did.

“If you only focus on yourself and your own world it can be pretty tedious and boring, for yourself, and particularly for those around you.”

David is inspired by his family and people who understand that we are part of a bigger world and are doing the hard yards to make the world a better place. 


Read the Facebook post here  and learn more about the City of Vincent’s Twelve Heroes of Christmas


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