Ethereum Movie Venture

Ferart Design is pleased to be associated with  THE PITTS CIRCUS MOVIE.  Through our partner company Ferart Studio we provided a location (at our base in Margaret River, Western Australia) and location services for some of the Australian shoot of the movie.

The Pitts Circus Movie the world’s first, Ethereum funded, movie. Its an international co-production involving project partners from Australia, Switzerland, Ireland, and Germany.


Cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum or Bitcoin, are a data system where the requirement to trust a third party e.g. a bank or finance house, to manage the funding of a project is moved to a network of dispersed, and independently owned computers using a suite of algorithms (blockchain) to track transactions and ownership.

Cryptocurrencies are particularly good for projects where there are a few transactions, a large budget, and value has to be assigned across multiple stages of the project.

The Ethereum Movie Venture  (the Venture) has produced the first Ethereum funded movie – THE PITTS CIRCUS MOVIE (read more about the movie here),and on Facebook here and on Twitter here .   Ethereum Movie Venture is using the Pitts Circus Movie to investigate how to use the Ethereum Blockchain to:

  • Raise funds for the project funding process (formerly known as ICO)
  • Provide a ticketing and access system that works across multiple supply platforms and locations
  • Track and allocating the distribution of profit
  • Produce friction-less global transfer of value

In addition to creating the Pitts Circus Movie the Venture are also using Ethereum to create a new approach to project governance including:

  • Building a global community of early adopters that use cryptocurrencies to develop projects
  • Providing this community with an anonymous and verifiable voting process to select future projects. This is also a perfect test case for eGovt applications
  • Creating real economic value for members of the community that can be aligned with their societal values.

The Venture and the PITTS CIRCUS MOVIE is well underway. The road map is:

  • Shooting the Pitts Circus Movie in Australia and Switzerland Jan 2017 April 2017
  • Postproduction editing May 2017-August 2017
  • Opening applications for the Second Film Project, July – August 2018
  • Pitts Circus Movie, postproduction audio September
  • Voting on  Second Film Project,  September – October 2017
  • Pitts Circus Movie to international film festivals October 2017 – May 2018
  • Second Film Project commences – early 2018

For more information contact:

Tony Caradonna

Mobile: +41 76 380 5081

Skype: toni_caradonna


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