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In September 2017 I visited Stonehenge in the United Kingdom. I had visited once in the 1980’s and since then understanding of the archeology of the site and its surrounds had how that was interpreted for the visitor had dramatically changed.  Where as Stonehenge was once a single visitor location it is now recognised as a wide spread and comprehensive mixture of neolithic, bronze and iron age human settlements, whose people dramatically reformed the landscape for religious and ceremonial reasons.

One of the interp boards showed the Stonehenge timeline, indicating that Stonehenge was built and used over a 1500 year period and people had been active in the area for about 10 000 years, since 8000BCE.

Using the scale bar at the top of the interp board, its possibly to roughly pace out the relative time that Europeans were in the UK compared to how long the Australian Aboriginals are present in Australia.

Creating time as a physical distance showed the antiquity of our Aboriginal culture. The interp board is shown on the right hand side of the image below.

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