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we bring a unique skill set 

Its the most challenging places that provide the greatest opportunities to produce maximum change for good. There is a lot of talk about climate change, inequity, the growing desire for connection with place, and business models that aren’t fit for purpose any more.   Changing this  requires integrated thinking and practice, systems innovation,  and pragmatic application.  
Our practice is about converting the discussion about sustainablity into projects that work in the real world. We design the future by working  at the interface of project design and development, community and environment,  business and innovation.  
recent projects

  resourcing urban regeneration

creating resilient urban places works best at the precinct level.  Dr Mike Mouritz from Curtin University is working with Ferart Design to design new governance models for collaborative investment in urban renewal projects

    rethinking fire

the urban – bushland interface is a major problem for firefighters.  With funding from DFES, Ferart Design is working with the Wallcliffe Bush Fire Brigade to researching how to improve the community’s readiness and response to fire

designing cities for the user experience

Leederville UX – Ferart Design worked with businesses, landowners, developers and Local Government to design the future of the Leederville urban village Collaborating with Ms Anna Kelderman from ShapeUrban the project started from the User eXperience – how will people live in Leederville,  rather than the usual planning approach of starting from  heigh, bulk, roads for cars and financial return  

    reinventing ecotourism

as a new national park is bringing changes to camping on the ningaloo coast Ferart Design is designing a self sufficient ecotourism facility to provide new experiences and learning for the visitors to the area
David Galloway

David Galloway

Lead Designer



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Under construction

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