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Town teams are organisations of business and citizens who gather together to organise, engage and empower local residents and businesses to create vibrant, sustainable and successful places. The teams curate and lead place activation and development.

Town Teams are a Western Australian phenomena but have their roots in organisations like Business Improvement Districts,  Parents and Friends, Chamber of Commerce, Transition Towns, Eco-Districts, One Planet Communities, Eco-Mobility, 100 Resilient Cities and Social Entrepreneurship.

In August 2017  the Town Team Movement was launched at Stormy Mills Gallery.  The TTM is an undergirding organisation designed to support the emergent town teams.  David Galloway, in his role as Chair of Leederville Connect one of Perth’s most vibrant town teams, explained how his town team has developed and what is is doing.

Contact David <a href=”mailto:david@ferart.com“>click here to email</a> for more information about town teams. Down load a copy of the slides of David’s talk HERE.

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