EQUINOX Art Project


Ferart Studio


Event curation and production


October 2017

An equinox is the moment in which the plane of the Earth’s equator passes through the centre of the Sun’s disk. It also means that the earth experiences equal length of day and night. It is the equilibrium point of summer moving into winter or winter into summer.

In the EQUINOX performance we used fire and sound to explore what it takes to move beyond equilibrium into a new state of being that is explosive and inspiring. This is the human condition. If we stay too long in our comfort zone, we stultify and become stale.

The process of destabilisation and moving away from equilibrium requires skill and artfulness. Its possible to spend long time planning and working for strategic re-orientation, but this planning and caution can dissipate the energy required to actually bring about change.   Conversely it is possible surround oneself with vast amounts of activity and ferment, and in reality not actually do anything. The idea is to generate clean and clear intention that enables us to focus on the point of ignition and change.

During the winter we gather windfall branches from around the Ferart Studio property in Margaret River, Western Australia, and build a bonfire. While this is anticipatory of fuel reduction for summer fire protection its also an excuse to invite neighbours and friends to shake off the cold of winter, drink a few beers and watch the fire.

See the video of EQUINOX here.


This year, 2017, we decided to do something different. Each bonfire is unique. They initially burn slowly with the energy building towards the full ignition of the fire. We combined soundscape performance by Tilly Kelleher (vocal), David Dare Parker (guitar) and Simon Walsh (synth and guitar) with sequential fire trails and ignition points that lead, ultimately, to the bonfire exploding into fire.   While the soundscape was charted against the fire trail and fire performance it left room for improvisation by the performers around the uncertainty of the rate of development of the fire.


EQUINOX used three fire trails. The first started hundreds of metres away from the bonfire and streaked close, but missed the fire. The second started close and ignited numerous fire pots which surrounded the bonfire with huge light and energy but did not ignite the fire. The final trail was a direct line to the heart of the bonfire.

 Each of the trails was a metaphor of our attempts to ignite change in our lives.  Once the EQUINOX performance was over a ten year old boy said “That was AWESOME!”. May that be our life mantra.



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