Rangeland Management Theory


David Galloway


Research, Rangelands Management, Author


September 2017

Based on Ferart Design’s long term work in Rangeland Management, David Galloway was invited to contribute a chapter to an international publication about sustainability research.  This chapter summarised the emergent  body of work and new approaches to rangeland management that David had been involved in, and observed, over the past fifteen years in Australia. Read the chapter here > Sustainable Managment of the Rangelands

This book, produced by Edward Elgar Publishing, was edited by Janette Hartz-Karp and Dora Marinova, Professors of Sustainability, Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute, Curtin University, Australia.   David Galloway completed his PhD on the relationship between design and sustainability at CUSP.

Methods of Sustainable Research offers a collection of methods and approaches aimed at resolving some of humanity’s most pressing problems on a local and global level. Many of the methods are practical, with straightforward application and demonstrated positive outcomes whilst others are more visionary. Important for transitioning to a more sustainable world, these methods allow for the constructive challenging of existing western development and governance.


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