Narngulu Industrial Estate


David Galloway


Design, Planning, Negotiation, Financial Analysis




Ferart Design worked with Edge Planning and Property and OPUS Engineering on the design and subdivision of an industrial estate at Narngulu, Geraldton, Western Australia.  The location had many logistic advantages including being located between the Geraldton Airport, major road routes and the regional rail hub, however it presented challenges because of the geology of the site was particularly sensitive to drainage issues. Extensive investigations were undertaken into the geology of the site to determine the surface and at-depth soil permeability. Based on this modifications were made to the design of the drainage layout to ensure there would be no flooding of the site.
In addition, the subdivision design favoured a number of small lots orientated on an approximate grid pattern so that prospective purchasers could combine them into larger lots if required. This  created more flexibility in the land use opportunities available to potential purchasers.


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