Organisational Change – Rangeland NRM


David Galloway


Working with Rangeland NRM to develop a new approach to landscape scale restoration


Jan 2016 – June 2017

A new approach to rangeland management

The rangelands are the semi-arid and arid lands that cover over 70% of Australia outside the agricultural areas.  Rangelands NRM is the pre-eminent  non-government in Western Australia committed to enhancing the sustainable management of the WA rangelands though facilitation, collaboration and delivering outcomes.

Ferart Design has been working with RNRM to help them transition from a business model focused on administration of project funding to a more wholistic service orientated around changing how humans interact with the rangelands. This required working with RNRM to develop an understand how the organisation has traditionally operated and their client base, and then looking at where the organisation wanted to go, its future client base and designing strategies to get there.


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